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Frequently Asked Questions About Cleaning Carpets and Upholstery

Q. Why should we use Aaron Cleaners to clean our carpets and upholstery?


A. Aaron Cleaners are a family run business that has been operating since 1982. We have gained a wealth of experience and faced most eventualities and are thorough, efficient and confident in our cleaning. We feel go the extra mile to please you because of the collective interest of all involved- not only does it benefit you as the client but it gives us a repeat business and referral rate that is something to be proud of. We have invested heavily in our business by owning the very best equipment that can be brought and by using premium chemicals, and an eco friendly and allergy safe approach towards carpet and upholstery cleaning.


Q. I have had seen leaflets offering carpet cleaning at 50% discount or rather low rates per room- can this be matched?


A. We feel that our prices are reasonable for the effort that we put in and the clean that we make sure we provide. Discounts or low room rates unfortunately sometimes equate to a sub standard service, utilising operators who are poorly trained and/or using portable DIY machines to do the work. Such equipment often results in the over wetting of the items being cleaned and consequently they take much longer to dry, and also leaves a lingering smell. Such companies will almost certainly be using cheaper harsher chemicals that may mean a clean is needed sooner than it should be; and do not carry the eco friendly child and pet friendly qualities that we pride ourselves for using.


Q. Do we have to move any furniture?


A. We move all furniture before or during the carpet clean- this is included in the price of our cleans. We recommend any breakable or precious items are moved prior to our arrival but we will ensure to take the upmost of care with your belongings.


Q. Is it true that carpets and furniture get dirty much quicker after being cleaned?


A. If the clean was of a poor quality using substandard equipment or cheaper harsher chemicals, the carpet or upholstery may appear to look clean but appear to get dirty fairly quickly again. Cheaper chemicals are often very alkaline and have a pronounced tendency towards rapid resoling. Chemicals also need to be specifically for use on carpets and/ or furniture. We use only premium chemicals which are eco friendly, allergy friendly and child and pet friendly.


Q. Will all stains be removed?


A. There is never any guarantee with stains. Some stains unfortunately permanently damage the carpet fibres and the damage is irreversible. We will, however, use extra chemicals specific to the stain for example, red wine or coffee; and if we cannot remove the stain, will work hard to lighten it as much as we are able to make it less visible.


Q. What are the drying times?


A. We recommend that carpets will be touch dry within two to four hours; and dry within twelve hours. The drying time does depend on different factors such as the weather, how stained the carpet was, the type of carpet for example, wool. Upholstery takes longer to dry due to the water it retains; we recommend a good twenty four hour drying time.



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