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3 piece suite cleaning in Essex


“The suite cleaned up fantastic,

had forgoten its true colour. will not leave it so long next time.

Many thanks


Mrs Gutterage, Westliff, Southend.

(Upholstery Cleaning in Essex)

Truck mounted upholstery cleaners in Essex.

Aaron Cleaners have been upholstery cleaning in Essex and East London since 1982 so we believe we know what best for cleaning furniture for you. We favour using eco-friendly cleaning with state-of-the-art truck mounted cleaning equipment that deploys a high powered hot water extraction method for cleaning upholstery in Essex using eco-friendly hypoallergenic agents to bolster the cleaning process. This approach removes allergens from the fabric more effectively than any other 3 Piece suite cleaning in Essex can offer. The results on 3 Piece suites is amazing see the picture above it is for real and that was taken back in 1982, one of our original clients for cleaning suites in Essex, the couch would clean even better now using the truckmount.

There is a huge variation in fabrics that are used to cover furniture and also in manufacturer's recommendations as to how the upholstered furniture should be cleaned. The two most popular approaches for cleaning upholstery are the hot water extraction method which we use, and dry cleaning. Dry cleaning is not really such an accurate way of describing cleaning because the solvent used can leave the material as damp as hot water extraction cleaning with the added problem that the solvents are often quite toxic. For people or animals with respiratory or skin issues (asthma eczema) this can be disastrous and some chemicals commonly used can cause severe allergic reactions.


The most thorough Upholstery cleaning you have ever seen.


The advantages of this approach towards cleaning upholstered are rapid drying (trunk mounts produce up to 20 times more air flow than portable machines) this method for cleaning sofas can be used safely on 98% of the work our company undertake as upholstery cleaners in Essex the other 2% we can dry clean. We provide a comprehensive stain and odour removal service and can apply stain proofing treatments, 3m scotch guard and fabric guard to your furniture if required.

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