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Cleaning carpets and upholstery can help with allergies

Aaron carpet cleaners Brentwood have taken a special interest in the subject of allergies and allergic skin conditions since 1980 when both the owner of the business and his son suffered from eczema. It soon became apparent that the chemicals they were using back then for carpet cleaning were contributing to the problem, they had also both suffered allergic issues relating to the dust and animal gander they were continuously coming into contact with while working at carpet cleaning Brentwood based or throughout Essex. This resulted in an extensive search to look for appropriate methods and safe chemicals to use In the pursuit of our profession while at the same time taking into consideration the health of clients and the concerns that were faced with reactions to the cleaning agents. The subsequent out come has been very successful not only from a health context but also a massive growth over the years in a client base who also had similar concerns about being able to clean their soft furnishings in an environmentally safe way.

It must also be said that Essex has a very high incidence of people suffering from the previously mentioned ailments. so It will not surprise you to know that eco friendly carpet cleaning is a topic taken very seriously by us and is very important to our clients requirements.

The most common issue asked of us is the question of whether or not cleaning will help some one who is suffering from asthma induced as a result of household dust and more specifically an allergic response to dust mites or more correctly put there faecal content.

Environmentally Friendly also Allergy Safe

100% unequivocally, the solution to sorting removing the allergens is based upon using truck mounted cleaning and the use of environmentally eco friendly chemicals that are used by us as standard. This is the best method for carpet cleaners Brentwood or any where in Essex be it in a domestic home or a commercial environment. In the beginning it was the case that green products did not do the job anywhere near as good as their chemical counterparts, so there often had to be a compromise for us between giving the client the cleanest carpet and balancing the needs and concerns of someone in the home that was a sufferer, not forgetting our furry friends, yes cats and dogs suffer the same maladies and skin conditions as ourselves, causing them all sorts of problems. The good news is that as people are becoming accustomed to ecological life style changes and their thinking patterns have changed, in response manufacturers have started to produce a range of cleaning agents that are eco friendly, that clean carpets and upholstery well and are so much better for the individuals and animals who suffer allergic reactions to the skin and it defiantly helpful to asthmatics on many occasions helping to calm down their condition by removing many of the harmful pollutants that contribute to their condition.

The cleaning approach we use for allergy sufferers

The first criteria is to do a proper evaluation. We say this because if you have an individual or a pet in the house that are suffering from an allergic reaction to dust mite faecal content you need to know exactly what you can do to help minimise the overall effect and yes I say minimise because you will struggle to make an environment dust mite free. If you go to a home and they have a combination of long pile carpets aged mattresses, fabric upholstery, pets and high humidity you are on to a loser because whatever you do to diminish the dust mite population it will sooner rather than later explode again. Do your kudos a favour and give the client some good advice to make some changes to their environment weather you are working as carpet cleaners Brentwood based or any where else in Essex or East London.

If the situation is one you can help with we would use a high Hepa filtration vacuum to first of all go over the carpets or soft furnishings that are to be worked on including mattresses.

It would normally be preferential for the individual with the allergy not to be present because the dry vacuuming causes a fair degree of airborne allergen protein that could cause a sensitive individual to react.

It is often the case that people who are suffering from allergies are often very sensitive to chemicals so our preference is to clean for such individuals using a truck mounted system because you can use the pressure and suction and heat that such the system has to maximum effect without using any chemicals and we would use water that has been run through a Reverse osmosis system to take out all the dissolved solids Chlorine and metals that some individuals and animals react to.

Mattresses are a bone of contention. A mattress that is old that has not been vacuumed and turned regularly is a virtual zoo for pathogenic material, it would contain pounds of dead skin the food for our little friend the dust mite so their population in mattresses is often huge and by using any sort of hot water extraction process you could potentially be making matters worse for the sufferer in the long term. You have to be up front and make a decision that sometimes means you may have to decline such work because ultimately if the individual with the allergy does not improve as a result of your efforts you may well lose them as clients.

Because of my involvement in the treatment of allergies and chemical sensitivities we pretty much avoid most of the sprays that are on offer because ultimately the allergen will return and the only real prospect for the suffer is to undergo a desensitisation process to whatever they are reacting to This will be the subject of another post I will put up for perusal shortly.

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